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Shock-A-Billy Mask

$ 39.99

Shock-A-Billy is a Classic Retro Style Zombie Halloween Mask with a very rich origin.

Back in the 60's, Shock-A-Billy was very famous front man and standing bass player for one of the hottest Rockabilly bands around. In the style of a true Rockabilly hipster, Shock-A-Billy was also an avid streetcar racer, taking on all opponents.

One night, he met his ultimate challenge, a driver named Rat Fink. Shock-A-Billy was winning the race, up until the point that his tires came flying off and his car crashed into an old haunted graveyard.

During his descent to the stage beyond, Shock-A-Billy was approached by a groovy spirit that promised him immortality so that he could start a new band, the Zombie Go Go.